Expressions – VolUme 1

L i g h t



Who does not love stories? Some love telling their own while some delight in just hearing others tell theirs. Growing up, I was shaped by the rich folk lore traditions of my Jukun people in central Nigeria. Drawing from that influence, in Light, I tell contemporary stories, for contemporary ears, using contemporary musical instruments.

So instead of a world teeming with wily hares, belligerent leopards and resilient tortoises, you will meet everyday people and communities trying to navigate the maze of modern life. I tell parts of my story but also those of other people. One time you are up dancing while in the next you may not be sure whether to continue dancing or to simply sit down and ponder. I invite you to come along with me on this acoustic journey.

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It was a real pleasure to work with an artist that is doing something very authentic and from the heart.
— Larry Anschell, Producer
His music is profound and poetic. It touches on some tragedies but there is a deep underlying hope in a subtle way beneath the lyrics.
— Cat, Cellist

Nathan Elawa


Singing is an activity Nathan loved from an early age. As a teenager he taught himself guitar. He was exposed to poetry and prose in English in secondary school and then at university. Along with other pursuits,  songwriting, playing guitar and singing are activities he enjoys as these have provided him a creative outlet. In 'Light', he shares this creative side with the world.



by Nathan Elawa

A preview of a few tracks from the album.